There are a few key things to respect.

By making your booking you agree to be bound by them, so if anything is not clear then ask us before booking.

Enjoy the charm of Barcelona and respect the basic rules of living with neighbours, like being careful about the noise. These house rules form part of your terms and conditions for booking the property so only book if you agree to follow them.

Being considerate

  • It’s a no-smoking place as it can only be rented to other people if it’s been completely smoke free. If you’re a smoker then please use the roof terrace or smoke outside the entrance to the building. There’s a big extra cost from the cleaners if they have to clean for smoke so simply avoid this by smoking outside.
  • In terms of noise, simply think about your neighbours.
  • You’re in a residential mansion flat so as with many rented apartments in the city, our house rules are that it’s not allowed to organize house parties, or to make significant noise at night (after 23:00 hours and before 8:00).
  • As it’s a polished wooden floor throughout, the general house rules are to leave shoes at the door to avoid scratches and damage. The floors were only put in recently, so please respect the approach and guide your guests as well.

Leaving the place in good condition

We ask guests put their dishes in the dishwasher before they leave the apartment and leave it running. Remove garbage from the bins in the apartment and leave in the bins in the street (these are outside the front door, on the left at the junction). Put all used bedding and towels in the laundry bin above the washing machine so we know what is dirty and what is unused.

Cancellation policy

We can't refund accommodation costs if you decide to leave before the check-out date.

The accommodation is reserved for you. This is why there are cancellation charges, as if you decide not to visit, it has blocked other people from visiting. The cancellation details are covered in your invoice or the invoice from your booking agent.

Late check-ins

Checkout is by 14:00

If you have a managed check-in, then check-in time is between 14:00 and 20:00 hours

Late check-in surcharges are:

  • Between 20:00 and 22:00 hours will have an extra charge of £20
  • Between 22:00 and 24:00 hours will have an extra charge of £30

This fee will be paid at the check-in.

Any questions?

If you need advice then simply text us. Even if we’re traveling, we get texts and respond to them quickly.

If there’s something in the apartment that you need some more detail on then simply photograph it with your phone and send me a pic.

And a final thought…
Have a great time! Let us know anything that’s different from what we’ve described here, and any extra tips you’ve managed to spot.

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